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Chosen: A Christmas Devotional Experience

A Christmas Devotional Experience


I would like to invite you to join me for a Christmas devotional experience here on the blog each day for the month of December. We’ll look at Mary, Joseph, and other members of the Christmas story to see how God chose each one of them for a role in His story.

God’s story goes on today and He has chosen each of us for a role in it. God chose you! We like how special that makes us feel, but we’re going to look at the fact that God chose us to do hard things. Mary was chosen to have an unexpected (and difficult to explain) pregnancy where she was open to scorn and gossip that caused her to leave town. This is one of many examples in the Christmas narrative which demonstrates that God has called us to do difficult things for Him.

I believe you will find this an uplifting and challenging look at Christmas like you’ve never considered it before. Each day from December 1-31 there will be a devotional reading along with a Christmas worship video to help draw your heart toward God.

I hope you’ll join me!