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4 Absurd Decisions God Wants You to Make Today by Caleb Breakey

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This title grabbed me and made me want to read. What kind of absurd decisions could God want me to make? Excellent title! And the content didn’t disappoint, either. I enjoy a book I can read in one sitting and yet Caleb Breakey packed a lot in a small book.

I don’t want to give away too much of the content or the four specific points, but the second decision, “Choose Me over _____,” really hit close to home for me. I rely on a relationship with someone more than I rely on God. Just the day before, God had nudged me on this very thing and here it was in the book—a timely reminder from God that He was serious about me putting Him first over this other relationship. God used this book to help me work through an important issue.

Let me leave you with these quotes from the book:

“You cannot please God without doing faith (James 2:14-26). In fact, your faith is as useful as road kill if you don’t do.”

“Smallness makes you lean on God. And when you lean on Him—like a child leaning on his father—you are at your strongest. Fear is gone.”

“When you embrace this crazy big promise of God—then you’re ready for every last situation you step into.”

–Caleb Breakey, 4 Absurd Decisions God Wants You to Make Today


4 Absurd Decisions God Wants You to Make Today: Supercharge Humility, Respond to the Holy Spirit, and Maximize Your Faith in God

Caleb Breakey


88 pages



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