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8 Reasons Your Life Matters by John Herrick

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8 Reasons Your Life Matters

John Herrick


116 pages


In 8 Reasons Your Life Matters, John Herrick has an easy-to-read style. Although you know he is addressing the deep hurts people feel and some of his readers may be contemplating suicide, he maintains a respectful and matter-of-fact tone rather than pleading. He offers eight truths from the Bible but his text is far from preachy. He develops each idea with personal experiences and concludes with a person in the Bible who felt that way and he demonstrates what God was doing in that situation that can only be seen in hindsight.

This is a well-written eBook for people struggling with depression, self-worth, and even suicidal thoughts. It emphasizes a long-term perspective and gives reasons to tough-it-out rather than give up on life.


Every dark season in life comes to an end. If you hang in there long enough, you'll reach the dawn. -John Herrick, 8 Reasons Your Life Matters


As one who has struggled in this area, I found it reassuring and I might have to make myself a reminder sheet listing the eight reasons. For me, the best (most relevant) reason to keep persevering is:


Somebody out there needs to see you overcome. -John Herrick, 8 Reasons Your Life Matters


8 Reasons Your Life Matters is worth a read, especially if you want some encouraging thoughts to lift you out of despair or to arm yourself with points to be able to help others.

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