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12 Things You Never Knew about Christy

You want to know about Christy? Well, let me give you a glimpse into my life by sharing twelve things you probably never knew about me. Many of them link to other pages where I elaborate on the topic.

Go ahead, explore and get to know me a little. Then be sure to join my email list so we can stay in touch.


Four Creative Influences


I grew up with my imagination stimulated by the vast universe of Star Wars. Not only has Star Wars shaped my writing, but it has been the common denominator around which I’ve formed friends.


I love superhero movies because I think we all identify with the clumsy nerd who isn’t really liked but has amazing secret powers. Count me in!


As a child, I enjoyed reading The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis, but I was disappointed because the other books in the series were about different characters. I never read the entire series until I was an adult.


The influence of J.R.R. Tolkien can be seen in my Dragon Hollow Trilogy. In fact, I modeled my first book, The Legend of Dragon Hollow, after The Hobbit.


God gave you an imagination. It’s the part of your brain that suspends disbelief long enough to entertain incredible ideas, such as God communicating with you.


One Namesake


I was named after the Catherine Marshall book, Christy, which my mom read while she was pregnant. Even from the womb, it seems I was destined to be a writer. Read my testimony.


God plants seeds in our lives that grow and develop into who He wants us to be. Don’t resist those God-seeds. Sometimes they come in the form of unpleasant experiences, but they make us the person God can use like no one else.


Three Accident-Prone Incidents


I was once struck by lightning. I was standing on a second-floor deck, watching an electrical storm when the static discharge went into my metal hair barrette and down my right arm. My scalp and arm were numb for 20-30 minutes.


I once broke my face in the Emergency Room. We went to pick up my brother, who needed stitches after a baseball game. When I saw him, I passed out, landed face first and broke my nose and both cheekbones. I also chipped a tooth and had to have my nostril stitched back on. My family said it sounded like someone dropped a watermelon. Splat.


I had a gas barbecue grill blow up in my face. I couldn’t get it to light and all of a sudden: Whoosh! I jumped back from the blast and batted at myself because I thought I was on fire. My long hair was singed into a brittle mass and my eyelashes were singed together. What a stinky mess! But I was grateful because it could have been much more serious.


I tend to be accident prone. People tend to keep their distance from me. Maybe that explains why I’m single.


Two Favorite Things


My favorite food is corn tortilla chips–or any Mexican food. I also enjoy canning salsa with my mom and brother every year. It’s our favorite family event. I wrote a book about chocolate, but I crave salty foods instead of sweets. Shh. Don’t tell.


My favorite place is Glacier National Park. I enjoy spending time in the outdoors because I feel close to God there. View my slideshow.


God has given us all things for our enjoyment.


Two Forms of a Broken Brain


I have a neurological disease that caused both of my eyes to become permanently dilated. In 2000 I woke up with one dilated eye. The doctor said there was a 20% chance the other eye would become dilated. In 2004 I woke up with the other eye dilated. That’s why I wear sunglasses even when others are not. I describe these events in greater detail in my book, Unstuck.


I have bipolar disorder. I was diagnosed in 2012, but I’ve probably had it since I was a teenager.


Hey, I have a twice-broken brain and God can use me. God can use us, regardless of our past, our flaws, our fears, and our flubs. Give God permission to work through you to love others. Accept God’s high calling for your life to love God and people.



I’d love to have you join me for an ongoing conversation about life and faith.

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