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Bigfoot: Reigning Hide and Seek World Champion


As a very young child, I used to have a recurring nightmare. More than forty years later, I can still see it in my mind just as I did then. It was so traumatic that every detail remains etched in my memory.

In the dream, Bigfoot would be walking across the city. I had no concept of Bigfoot other than he must be huge to have notably big feet. In my mind, he was the size of Godzilla but hairy and with huge feet.

With each step Bigfoot took, I would watch his foot come down from heel to toe, smashing a couple houses at a time. As he walked across town, he flattened houses with his feet. When his heel touched down and his foot was coming down to smash our house, I’d wake up.

There were tears involved. It was terrifying. I didn’t know Bigfoot was more like Chewbacca because Chewbacca didn’t exist yet (yes, I’m older than Star Wars). Looking back, it’s amusing. On the other foot, having Bigfoot squash you like a bug every night was an ordeal I haven’t forgotten.


Bigfoot by BZ Toons


Why they call him Bigfoot instead of Bigfeet