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Bit by a Cat

You can trust me (Bit by a Cat)


When I was a kid, my parents had to go to a stranger’s house for something with all us kids in tow. When we got to the strange house, they sent us into the other room to play with the cat. The stranger woman told us, “Don’t worry. She doesn’t bite. She’s never bitten anyone.”

Having never been around cats, we didn’t really know how to play with one. It wasn’t at all like playing with a dog. Almost right at the beginning, the cat bit me. I pulled my hand back, not expecting that at all. I figured I must have provoked it somehow so I played more cautiously. Then the cat bit me again. It was time to go. We were only there for half an hour or so.

I remember wondering what it meant. The cat had never bitten anyone, but it bit me…TWICE. It was no fluke or accident of playing. And why me? Did the cat not like me? Because I couldn’t understand why I got bit, I decided then and there that I didn’t like cats.


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