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Books I’ve Read: 2016

Curious what I’m reading? My most recent reads are at the top of the list and the cover images are a few of my recent favorites.


Destined to Soar (Yohannan)

The Road to Reality (Yohannan)

The Beauty of Christ through Brokenness (Yohannan)

Embracing Obscurity (Anonymous)

Gospel (Greear)

It Is Finished (Foret)

Waking Up (Dekker)

You Aren’t Worthless (Spencer)

Hope Stands (Kee)

Overcoming Negative Self-Talk (Strange)

Stay Encouraged (Yohannan)

Furiously Happy (Lawson)

Crisis in Leadership (Yohannan)

Principles in Maintaining a Godly Organization (Yohannan)

A Life of Balance (Yohannan)

Bipolar Happens (Fast)

Identity Crisis (Perkins)

AuthorPreneur (Amir)

Be Amazing (Coleman)

Your Identity in Christ (Strange)

Troubled Minds (Simpson)

Fresh Hope (Hoefs)

Grace for the Afflicted (Stanford)

Stop Trying to Fix Yourself (Snipes)

Soul Tattoo (Kee)

Learning to Pray (Yohannan)

Confessions of a Prayer Slacker (Moody)

Pray What You See (Paavola)

Anything (Allen)