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Glacier National Park

My selfie with a bear (sign)

(As close as I dare get to taking a selfie with a bear!)


Photos don’t do it justice. Glacier National Park is so breathtakingly beautiful that George Grinnell called it “The Crown of the Continent.” I consider it my own personal Garden of Eden. And the best part is that Glacier National Park is in my backyard, just a few minutes away.

The Continental Divide of the Rocky Mountains has combined with harsh winters and horrid winds to help shape the terrain into rugged peaks, glacial-carved valley, and green-blue lakes. Glacier is home to grizzly and black bears, packs of wolves, bighorn sheep, mountain goats, gangly moose, herds of elk, and scores of deer. The smaller critters are too many to list, but notable among them are the coyotes and ground squirrels.

When I go to Glacier, I feel closer to God. The silence and solitude does my heart good. Every time I get up there and breathe new life into my tired being, I wonder why I don’t do it more often. It truly is good medicine for me.

Sometimes I will grab my Bible and notebook and head up to the mountains just to spend time with God. Most of the time I’m richly rewarded by fresh insights from God when I do. When you have a place where you feel near to God, it seems as if God’s whisper rings loud and clear. And being far from distractions and everyday life helps, too.

I often watch tourists at Glacier who are frustrated because they get no cell signal. To me, that’s not a frustration; it’s a relief. The whole point of being on vacation, even if it’s for the afternoon in my case, is to unplug and decompress. Relax. Why should that be so difficult for us?

I’m including a slide show of pictures I have taken in Glacier National Park, but many of my best pictures were taken in the day of film and I haven’t scanned them to digital yet. Still, I think you’ll find this a very pleasing collection. I wanted to offer you a taste of heaven. Welcome to my backyard.