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Salvation Testimony

When I was about four years old, I attended a backyard Bible club one summer. I enjoyed the Bible stories and on the last day, the teacher asked us if we wanted to be friends with Jesus, so I raised my hand. Then, I remember feeling embarrassed when she asked us to go pray with someone and I wished I hadn’t raised my hand. I wasn’t old enough to understand what all that meant, but it was the beginning of God’s work in my life.

Eventually, I accepted Christ at a Vacation Bible School when I was approximately ten years old (exact date unknown). But I was old enough to understand what it meant and began to pray every night when I went to bed.

My relationship grew as I entered the youth program at church. I began preaching during the Sunday night youth services and speaking at youth retreats. Then, as often happens to young people, I fell away from God during college. It wasn’t that I stopped believing in God; I just kept a safe distance because the difficult questions of life (“Why?”) made me wonder if God was really in control.

In my mid- to late-twenties, I delved back into the Bible to seek answers and I recommitted my life to God. Shortly thereafter, I made a decision to stop climbing the corporate ladder and commit my life to ministry. At that point I thought I wanted to go into women’s ministry, so I enrolled in seminary. I wanted to be qualified to teach the Bible. But while I was there, I realized, through the encouragement of professors, that I had a talent for writing and God seemed to be leading me in that direction.

After being diagnosed with a neurological disease in 2000, I took a year off seminary to readjust to life. During that time, I learned to depend on God in new ways and I turned the lessons learned into my first book, Abundant Life (2002).

Upon completion of a Master of Arts in Biblical Studies (2004), I moved to Montana to work at the ski resort so I could work part of the year and write part of the year. Since then, I have had two more successful books published, Devotion Explosion (2007), and Best Friends with God (2010). In December 2010, I quit my job at the ski resort and began writing full-time.

I have to admit, however, that being a full-time writer has been an act of faith on its own. Relying on God to meet my financial needs by providing work has forced me to depend on God in new ways, once again.

I have a very interactive relationship with God that is constantly growing and changing. Sometimes that growth process is painful, but it is always worth it.