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Skunk Train

Memories of the Skunk Train


California has an abundance of child-friendly attractions and because I lived in California until I was seven, my early childhood held an abundance of amazing adventures. One such adventure was riding the Skunk Train.

The Skunk Train is a 40-mile train ride from Fort Brag to Willits. The route is nestled among the giant redwood trees, with more than thirty trestles spanning the rivers.

I remember the old-fashioned train and the thrill of the ride. We rode forty miles out, disembarked for time to walk around, and rode forty miles back.

What always stood out to me about that adventure is that I selected a spoon from the gift shop as a souvenir. That was the first of many spoons from a lifetime of adventures, but it made me feel grown up to move from toys to collectibles. Skunk train is where that transformation happened for me.

A few years ago, I parted with my spoon collection. Most of them are from places otherwise forgotten, but I will always remember getting my first collectible spoon at the Skunk Train.

Here’s a one-minute video that made me laugh.