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Ask God to Amplify the Results of Your Weight Loss Efforts

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I’m embarrassed to admit it, but I’ve never thought about praying for God to accelerate my weight loss. I always took on the burden of weight loss as something I had to do on my own. But it makes sense, now that I think about it.

I wanted to share this excerpt from Adam Hogue in which he talks about his near-death experience, obesity, and dramatic weight loss with the Lord’s help.


“I’m fat.” It’s one of the most self-destructive phrases with which people can attack themselves. Satan loves to throw this at people to empty them of all God’s joy. Such people try to lose weight but just can’t seem to do it, so they lose heart and lose faith, finding that they hate the image in the mirror.

But God has a better plan for you—a plan to heal you and give you a future and a hope. Did you know that 95 percent of all people who have a weight issue could do something about it? So unless you have a medical condition barring you from it, the only thing holding you back is your mindset. God can certainly also provide a miracle in the midst of a medical condition, however. Nothing is impossible for Him!

I personally suffered from obesity after developing issues with my heart. At one moment of my life, I was well, working hard in a factory with a fit, healthy body. Then, the next moment, my life fell apart. It happened all in one day, when I collapsed and almost died in my living room. After a ride in an ambulance and several visits to the ER, as well as to the top hospitals in the state, my life was changed forever.

The doctors couldn’t figure out what was wrong, . . . Meanwhile, I was gaining weight from lying around so much.

. . . But several scans at top-notch hospitals, multiple tests, and thousands of dollars later, I was finally told I might have hope. While I was no longer in danger of death, I could no longer function like a normal human being. Being on four blood-pressure pills and having blood sugar issues, insomnia, and a heart that didn’t work right, I was left with a recipe for a miserable life. But the doctor said that if I were to lose some weight, I might recover.

. . .

So that night I prayed, and I asked the Lord for a miracle. My heart issue was definitely going to keep me from losing weight as fast as I needed to. So I asked for God to amplify the results and then, with faith, applied everything I knew about healthy dieting and weigh loss. I had six weeks until my next appointment, and my doctor gave me a goal of six pounds to lose. But by the end of those six weeks, God gave me twenty pounds. Yes, I lost twenty pounds in six weeks—all with a heart condition, blood sugar issues, insomnia, four heart pills, and you name it! . . .

God can do anything! There is nothing that can hold you back. What’s impossible for you is simple for God. So just remember that the power of Jesus is on your side. All you must do is believe. When the devil tells you you’re fat, the real question is “What is God telling you?” Listen carefully to the Lord and believe His words instead.

. . . Exercise by faith, believing that God will build your body for you. As you transform your image, you’ll begin to realize that it requires godly character to do so.

–Adam Hogue, If You Change Your Words It Will Transform Your Life


The other notable thing in this passage is the idea that it requires godly character to lose weight and get in shape. I never thought about that, either. Self-discipline seems like something I have to do, but when you frame it as godly character, yes, that seems like something God can help me develop.

I’m going to be focusing on getting physically healthy for the next few months (as long as it takes) so I’ll be posting more on this topic as I come across other helpful bits to share. My goal is to be “healthier today than yesterday.” In some small way, each day, I can make a healthy choice that will bring me closer to reaping the rewards of healthy living. I hope you’ll join me on this journey.

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