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BeScrooged: Imagining a Full Life of Generosity

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BeScrooged: Imagining a Full Life of GenerosityBeScrooged: Imagining a Full Life of Generosity by Gordon MacDonald
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Part storybook, part devotional, and part Christian teaching, this book is a fast-paced, enjoyable read with a serious message. BeScrooged follows the transformation of Scrooge in A Christmas Carol. At each stage in Scrooge’s development, the authors provide Christian teaching on the subject of “full-life generosity” and devotional readings focusing on specific people in the Bible who exemplified either stinginess or generosity (or the struggle in between).

According to the authors, we each need to reach our personal crisis that brings about life transformation, a point at which we have been BeScrooged. Just as Scrooge had a drastic and total transformation of his outlook on life, we each need to experience a similar moment that forever changes our hearts and lives.

Full-life generosity is not just about money; it’s about having a generous spirit. Full-life generosity gives a kind word, a helping hand, and all sorts of generosity. This type of transformation can only come from within.

The authors describe a ladder of generosity where readers can evaluate where they might be in their current level of generosity. But they did admit that we all tend to move up and down the ladder at different times in life. Still, they suggested that periodic appraisal was a worthwhile way to check our hearts.

I enjoyed reading the devotionals most of all. Each one focused on a different person in the Bible and I thought some of the points drawn from these examples brought about several fresh insights for me.

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BeScrooged: Imagining a Full Life of Generosity

Gordon MacDonald and Mark MacDonald


128 pages


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