An Animated Explanation of The Law by The Bible Project

May 27

There are 613 Laws in the Old Testament. Yikes! That’s a lot to remember and obey. Thankfully, in Jesus, we don’t have to obey “The Law” but only the law of love. If the 613 laws did anything, they demonstrated that no amount of rules will change our behavior. Only a changed heart can do that. The folks at The Bible Project visualize the...

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The Book of Deuteronomy Overview by The Bible Project

May 26

As Israel reached the border of the Promised Land, Moses gathered the people and gave them one last speech. Deuteronomy records the contents of that speech. By this time, the original generation who left Egypt has died in the wilderness so Moses is speaking to their children, a second generation who has never known anything but the wilderness experience. God has...

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The Book of Numbers Overview by The Bible Project

May 25

The Book of Numbers is Israel’s epic road trip through the wilderness on their way to the Promised Land. It’s like a 40-year long camping trip, filled with adventures. So the Book of Numbers is like an exciting travel log where things start out well and go terribly wrong along the way. In fact, the Hebrew title for Numbers means “In the...

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The Book of Leviticus Overview by The Bible Project

May 24

Leviticus is difficult to read, but its core message is amazing: God graciously provides a way for sinful, broken people to live near his holy presence so they can find wholeness and life. In this video, the guys at The Bible Project introduce the idea of holiness, but if you’d like a fuller explanation of holiness, take time to watch An Animated Explanation...

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The Book of Exodus Overview – Part 2 of 2 by The Bible Project

May 23

In the second half of Exodus Israel meets God at Mt. Sinai. They make a covenant with him, receive rules by which to live, build a tabernacle where God will dwell with them, but things go terribly wrong. This video talks about God’s covenant with the people of Israel. If you’d like to learn more about God’s covenants (like a business contract),...

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