An Animated Explanation of the Covenants in the Bible by The Bible Project

May 12

You’ve heard your relationship with God described in many ways, but have you ever considered yourself as God’s partner? That’s how God describes you. The Bible describes God as initiating covenants (or contracts) with humans. We’re talking about contracts business partners would use. We are in partnership with God. But what are...

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Animated Explanation of ‘The Messiah’

Apr 15

You may have heard Jesus called “the Messiah” but what does that really mean? This short video walks through the Bible exploring the significance of “the Messiah” from Genesis to Revelation. I think you’ll find it helpful because it ties together the Old Testament with the New Testament. Take a look.         Video...

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Bible Memory System: Scripture Typer

Apr 12

I have a terrible time memorizing Bible verses. I know I’m not alone. There are many reasons for this. Memorizing is a very left-brained activity. Memorizing requires a routine and patience and all kinds of things that make me cringe. Plus, there are so many Bible versions out there. Verses I had memorized in one version no longer match the translation I...

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What Is the Bible?

Apr 04

Jon Collins and Tim Mackie of The Bible Project are using their skills for God by putting together enjoyable and entertaining short videos explaining concepts in the Bible and how it all fits together. According to The Bible Project, “This is episode 1 of a 14-part series that explores the origins, content, and purpose of the Bible. Here you’ll be...

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