An Animated Explanation of The Law by The Bible Project

May 27

There are 613 Laws in the Old Testament. Yikes! That’s a lot to remember and obey. Thankfully, in Jesus, we don’t have to obey “The Law” but only the law of love. If the 613 laws did anything, they demonstrated that no amount of rules will change our behavior. Only a changed heart can do that. The folks at The Bible Project visualize the...

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An Animated Explanation of God’s Holiness by The Bible Project

May 12

The concept of holiness can seem difficult to grasp. Outside of the Bible, we don’t talk about things being “holy” very often. Let’s take a moment to discover what the Bible really says about holiness. The concept appears from Genesis to Revelation, so it must be important. This illustrated video by The Bible Project explains the theme of...

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