An Animated Explanation of Holy Spirit by The Bible Project

Jun 04

The “Holy Spirit” is a phrase in the Bible used to describe the mystery and power of God’s personal presence. In this video we explore the original Hebrew meaning of the word “spirit/breath,” and how understanding this can help you see the storyline of the entire Bible in a whole new way. This video by The Bible Project explains more.      ...

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Animated Explanation of ‘Heaven & Earth’ by The Bible Project

May 29

This video made me laugh out loud in a couple spots. Perhaps you will, too. Besides being funny, it’s a very helpful explanation of the concept of heaven and earth in the Bible. The great folks at The Bible Project merge great theology (Bible teaching about God) with fantastic graphics to create fun and educational videos. Enjoy! Learn! Grow!    ...

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Animated Explanation of Sacrifice and Atonement by The Bible Project

May 28

Sacrifice and atonement. These aren’t things we talk about much, but they are important concepts in the Bible. For us to understand our salvation in Christ, we must understand the meaning of sacrifice and atonement. So let’s do this the fun way and enjoy this animated short video produced by the guys at The Bible Project.        ...

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The Image of God

May 22

Have you ever wondered why God made you? Have you thought about your purpose in life? We all have. Our sense of value comes from the fact that we are created in the image of God. But what does it mean to be an image of God? The guys at The Bible Project created this animated walkthrough of “The Image of God.”       Video Transcript 0:02 So...

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