The Book of Job Explained with Illustrations by The Bible Project

May 17

The Bible Project presents another fabulous educational video. This one is on the Book of Job. If you’ve ever wrestled with the question of why God allows suffering, you’ll feel right at home with Job. This is a righteous man who suffers and doesn’t understand why. To top it off, his friends offer their own distorted explanations by accusing him of...

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An Animated Explanation of the Book of Job by The Bible Project

May 16

“Why?” We’ve all asked God, “Why?” It’s a universal question. We want to make sense out of the pain and tragedy we experience. We want to understand why God allows us to experience such pain. Isn’t God loving and just? Is it fair to make a good person suffer? These are the questions Job wrestled with after God took...

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The Book of Ruth Explained with Illustrations by The Bible Project

May 12

The Book of Ruth begins with tragedy and death. After losing her husband and both sons in a foreign land during a famine, Naomi changes her name to Mara, meaning “bitterness.” She feels God has taken everything away from her and her life is miserable now. While it looked like God was punishing her, it becomes clear that God is setting up the...

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