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Bigger than Impossible: Keys to Experiencing the Impossible through God

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Bigger Than Impossible is a great title. The gist of the book’s message was that we won’t know God is bigger than impossible situations if we never put ourselves in impossible situations. She talked about rebuilding efforts after hurricane Katrina, going to the Philippines as a missionary (she had never even flown before), and her husband’s battle with advanced Parkinson’s disease. These are impossible situations where she has seen God work.

However, the author talked most about her childhood, which seems to have been traumatic for her. She was raised in a strict fundamentalist family, but has since come to know the grace of God. She hasn’t quite broken free of a works mentality, though. For instance, she repeatedly refers to our need to “manifest the required works.” And she has a very negative view of the future.

At the time of this writing, the Kindle version is free.

Book Quotes

“Unbelief comes from not allowing God to be big enough to be Lord in our lives.”

“[Faith] is the information, divine revelation or instruction we receive from God that will allow us to know God’s plan about a certain matter.”


Bigger than Impossible

Keys to Experiencing the Impossible through God

Lydia Chorpening


223 pages



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