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Bipolar Happens by Julie Fast (@JulieBipolar)

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Julie Fast’s book, Bipolar Happens: 35 Tips and Tricks to Manage Bipolar Disorder, is a quick read, but a thought-provoking one. She covers 35 problems people with bipolar face and describes not only her debilitating problems but her own tried and proven coping strategies.

She covers everything from the fear of going to public events to bipolar spending sprees and more. For each problem area, she frequently offers a list of possible solutions. I had to pause to consider which problems I experience and which types of solutions could work for me.

On one level there’s nothing earth shattering here. On another level, this small eBook does address a variety of concerns for people with bipolar disorder (and those who love them).

One of the things I liked about her writing was her quirky and memorable analogies:

The past is not a frog for you to dissect. Life is not a biology class. Depression wants you to rip apart your life and examine every minute detail of what you have done wrong, what you said wrong and what you didn’t do—what you should have done—what you might have done, ad nauseam. That poor frog of your past. There must not be much of it left.

Julie Fast, Bipolar Happens: 35 Tips and Tricks to Manage Bipolar Disorder


This inexpensive and short eBook is worth a quick read. You never know which tidbits might really help you or someone you know.

(Note: It is not a Christian book, but when you have bipolar disorder, you’ll take help anywhere you can get it.)


Bipolar Happens

35 Tips and Tricks to Manage Bipolar Disorder

Julie Fast (@JulieBipolar)


45 pages



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