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Book Ninja

Book Ninja WhitefishIt’s sort of like Pokémon Go! for book lovers. The Book Ninja stealthily delivers books to public places, where unsuspecting people can find a free book or eBook.

Book Ninja places eBook gift cards on community bulletin boards or flyer racks. The gift cards can be redeemed for a free download (no strings attached) of the specified book. The user can choose between ePub, Mobi, and PDF downloads.

Book Ninja delivers to Whitefish Mountain MallBook Ninja strategically places print books on public tables, counters, and benches. You might find a book on a bench at a post office, mall, or park.

The stealthy Book Ninja then posts pictures of places where books have been dropped so anyone on social media can see when and where books are available.

Check out the most recent Book Ninja drops on the blog.

If you find a book, you could take a picture of where you found it and post it on social media, too. That would be splendid good fun for everyone!

The hunt is on. See if you can find a book from Book Ninja!


Book Ninja

Right now, I am Book Ninja, but I will soon release a program to facilitate others who wish to play the role of Book Ninja wherever they live. Stay tuned for details.