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More Crossword Bible Studies Coming in 2018!




Chosen: A 31-Day Christmas Devotional

Chosen: A 31-Day Christmas Devotional will help you embrace the messy parts of life as part of God’s calling for you. Just because God chooses you, doesn’t mean things will be easy.

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Crossword Bible Studies (New Series)

Explore different themes in the Bible by looking up verses to fill in blanks in puzzle clues.


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Crossword Bible Studies (12 Volumes on the NT)

Spending Time in the Bible Can Be as Enjoyable as a Daily Crossword Puzzle

12 volumes including one puzzle for each chapter of the New Testament. That’s 260 puzzles in all!


Many people don’t study the Bible because they don’t think it is fun. That’s why I created a Bible study in a format that’s fun and engaging.

Now, spending time in the Bible can be as enjoyable as a daily crossword puzzle.

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Bible Surveyor Handbook

A 15-Lesson Overview of the Entire Bible

The Bible can be difficult and boring if you don’t understand what is happening and why. In fifteen easy lessons, you’ll learn the major sections of the Bible and what’s happening in each period of history. This context will help you understand the Bible better and spark your enthusiasm for lifelong learning.

This Bible Surveyor Handbook provides an easy-to-understand overview of the entire Bible. At the end of each lesson, there are two suggested reading tracks: one for beginners who want to survey the Bible, and one for intermediate students who want to explore the Bible more thoroughly.

The Bible Surveyor Handbook has been used by homeschool families, beginning Bible students, and those who want a refresher course on the main elements of Bible history

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Barefoot Devotions

Our Spiritual Blessings (Volume One)

This 90 day devotional book could change your perspective on prayer. After all, prayer is a conversation, a two-way dialogue. So if God seems far away and you wish you could hear from Him in a personal way, you might benefit from reading these daily messages written from God’s perspective to you. It’s like receiving a warm, personal letter from God every day.

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Sweeter Than Chocolate

Developing a Healthy Addiction to God’s Word

Develop a sweet tooth for God’s Word and go from feeling the Bible is difficult and boring to craving it like chocolate. Discover ideas for left-brained and right-brained approaches to the Bible because understanding your preference will help you engage the Bible according to how God made you.

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Escape Spiritual Stagnation; Experience Abundant Life

If you’re doing all the right things as a Christian and you’re still not growing, you can get unstuck. Learn to let God’s living water flow through your life to remove the spiritual stagnation so you can experience abundant life. Get unstuck and grow.

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Best Friends with God

Falling in Love with the God Who Loves You

People in the Bible had a dynamic relationship with God. He interacted with them, demonstrating His love for them by responding to their specific circumstances and needs. God wants to interact with us in the same way. As we bring our needy hearts to Him, He will demonstrate His love for us as individuals by responding to our specific circumstances. And, as we experience His gestures of love toward us, we cannot help but respond to Him with love.

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Devotion Explosion

Getting Real with God

If you’re tired of old methods that simply don’t work, you might be ready for a devotion explosion. Thousands of readers have found that Devotion Explosion ignites their passion for God. In fact, Devotion Explosion is now in its fourth printing.

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Abundant Life (Out of Print)

If you have one of these, it’s a collector’s item now. But I republished, with a few modifications, under the title, Unstuck: Escape Spiritual Stagnation; Experience Abundant Life.




Youth Fantasy Fiction (Ages 10-14)


The Legend of Dragon Hollow

Dragon Hollow Trilogy, Book 1

When an enemy army attacked Mirabeau, Peter and his friends, Sebastian and Alexandra, lost their parents, their homes, and their city. They set off in search of the dragon’s treasure that Peter had read about in his favorite book, The Legend of Dragon Hollow.

On their journey, they encounter all sorts of people and adventures, and they learn valuable lessons that will help them fulfill their destiny—a destiny that is greater than dragon treasure.

With whimsical characters and unexpected plot twists, this action-adventure story guarantees pure enjoyment from beginning to end.

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The Secret of the Sword

Dragon Hollow Trilogy, Book 2

After Peter learned he was the rightful heir to the throne, he returned to Mirabeau to discover a tyrant had made himself king. When Peter and his friends, Sebastian and Alexandra, try to spy on the tyrant king, they are captured as traitors. It looks as if things will end badly for the three young people, especially when an invading army attacks the city, complicating the situation.

In addition to all that, Peter has questions about his sword because he can’t read the inscription and he wonders why it glows blue sometimes. And the two new dragons aren’t quite what Peter expected. Will Peter find answers and manage to take the throne as the rightful king of Mirabeau?

This second book in the Dragon Hollow Trilogy is a humorous fantasy action-adventure story that rivals the first book. In it, you’ll enjoy some familiar friends like Donkey Oatie, and meet some new friends who are soon to be favorites.

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The Rise of the Dragon King

Dragon Hollow Trilogy, Book 3

In this third book in the Dragon Hollow Trilogy, young Peter Cole has just taken the throne of Mirabeau, but being king is not what he expected. In addition to the city’s financial crisis that left knights and workers unpaid, King Peter is also faced with the disappearance of a friend; a dragon bent on revenge; a call for help from an ally; and a horde of barbarians on the march for his city. Meanwhile, his two friends, Sebastian and Alexandra, face problems of their own. Alexandra is coming to grips with being scarred by dragon burns and Sir Sebastian is learning to be a knight while dealing with a bully in Knight School. Peter’s destiny as the foretold Dragon King is linked to whether he can navigate these difficulties and fulfill his calling.

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Donkey Oatie’s Bushel of Fun Cookbook

A Companion to the Dragon Hollow Trilogy

Donkey Oatie is a hilarious donkey who accompanies them on their adventures and he loves to eat so he published his own cookbook to correspond to the many foods he talked about in the stories.

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