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Breakthrough Faith: Living a Life Where Anything is Possible

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I’ve always coped with difficult life circumstances by saying, “Well, God either caused it or allowed it so either way that settles it.” Yet, I’ve always been uncomfortable with knowing when to accept something and when to press in through prayer to seek healing. I’ve had trouble reconciling the role of prayer in my life, knowing that God’s going to do whatever He wants.

“Lazy theology looks at what’s in front of us and assumes that some boundary or some obstacle is God’s will by default.” – Larry Sparks, Breakthrough Faith

So when I began reading Breakthrough Faith, I was in for a bit of a jolt. It rocked my boat and made me reconsider faith, prayer, and life circumstances. Author Larry Sparks weaves through the book the biblical example of the paralytic whose four friends lowered him through the roof (Mark 2). They brought their paralyzed friend to Jesus but couldn’t get to him because of the crowd. They could have said, “Oh well, we tried. It must not have been God’s will.” Honestly, that would have probably been my response. But, no. They had faith that Jesus could heal their friend so they climbed up on the roof, removed the roofing materials, and lowered their friend down through the roof. Their faith broke through the barriers, which is the origin of the title, Breakthrough Faith.

“The four men did not redefine Jesus based on their circumstances, like many do today.” – Larry Sparks, Breakthrough Faith

Honestly, I found the author’s arguments compelling. I have tended have a Christian fatalism and allowed my circumstances and my reactions to them to shape my theology by limiting what I expected God to do. I always knew God was able to do anything, but I frequently felt like He must be unwilling. I’ve lived under the shadow of the limits I placed on God. These are the very things addressed in the book.

“All we need to know is who God is and leave the execution of the impossible up to Him.” – Larry Sparks, Breakthrough Faith

I have to admit, I was a little nervous at first because I worried this would be a book of healing hype. And while it did stretch the boundaries of what I was comfortable with, it was faithful to God’s Word and realistic about faith healing. For instance, the author made it clear that sometimes healing doesn’t happen and God has His reasons, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t exercise faith because we know God is willing and able to heal.

This is an excellent book in a very readable style, but I had to read it slowly over time to allow the ideas to grow in my heart. Are you ready to grow?


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Breakthrough Faith

Living a Life Where Anything is Possible

Larry Sparks (@LarryVSparks)


208 pages



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