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Breakthrough Healing by Larry Sparks

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It seems like everyone needs to be healed of something. Wouldn’t it be neat if we could pray for other people and they would be healed like in the Bible? According to Larry Sparks, we can. We just need to correct our thinking about supernatural events.

I’ve needed healing for multiple things, some for as long as 25 years. Doctors can’t help me. So I’m interested in healing, but I have been confused about differing theologies about healing. This topic is outside my comfort zone so I approached the book with caution. The author made clear distinctions, though, between radical “faith healers” and biblical healing.

“Signs and wonders are completely God-focused, while health and wealth is human-focused.” – Larry Sparks, Breakthrough Healing

The main point of distinction is that biblical healing is always focused on God. Rather than coming to God for healing, come to God for a deeper relationship with Him. Seek to know God for who He is and the healing will come—at least that’s the gist of it, it seems.

“Let’s go against the grain of formulaic approaches to healing and set our gaze upon Jesus—just because we desire Him. I promise, a moment in His glorious presence contains the potential to change everything!” – Larry Sparks, Breakthrough Healing

If you want to push the boundaries of what you believe about healing, this quick read will give you some new perspectives to contemplate.



“If we are convinced that sickness comes from God, we are less inclined to pray for healing because, in a way, we would be praying against what God wants and be sabotaging His will.” – Larry Sparks, Breakthrough Healing

“If Jesus really is as He Himself declares, One who executes the work assigned to Him by the Father, then the truth is indeed settled: healing is the will of God.” – Larry Sparks, Breakthrough Healing

“The promises of God are essential for us to feed on and meditate on and cling to for dear life. They are our fundamental source of hope.” – Larry Sparks, Breakthrough Healing

“When we actively bring to mind the glorious healing benefits of the Lord, our hope is dynamically charged!” – Larry Sparks, Breakthrough Healing

“When you testify of real miracles, real healings, and real situations that were completely turned around by the power of God, faith is imparted to those listening. Hope rises.” – Larry Sparks, Breakthrough Healing


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Breakthrough Healing: 50 Keys to Experiencing God’s Supernatural Power in Your Life

Larry Sparks


85 pages



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