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Can Blogging Make a Difference? Why I Became a Gospel for Asia Blogger

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Sometimes God points you in a direction through repetition. You’ve probably had the experience where a particular word or phrase came up everywhere you looked: in the Bible, on the radio, even in the checkout line at the store. Those are times you know God is working on your heart to get a message across. The message may not be clear, but God can certainly get your attention that way.

A few months ago that started happening for me. I’ve had a heart for Africa for a long time, but suddenly God started shifting my attention. I had a missionary reach out to me to invite me to India to share with women in the small villages whenever I wanted to come. Then he invited me specifically to come to speak at his pastor’s conference.

My health prevents me from travel right now, but that wasn’t the end of it. Several other contacts stepped forward to engage with me online. Each of them was from South Asia. God had my attention.

I recently learned Gospel for Asia had a blogger program. I am increasingly convinced God doesn’t want us to do our own “thing” but to discover what God’s already doing and join Him in doing it. God seems to be working in South Asia.

Gospel for Asia has been doing the Lord’s work in South Asia for more than thirty years. This brief video shows a quick overview of their ministry, though I know they are at work in so many other areas that are not mentioned here.



Blog for Asia

As a Blogger for Asia, I will share occasional updates on things going on in South Asia. Together, we’ll take a closer look at the culture and barriers faced in the region, as well as how ingenuity is overcoming obstacles to take the gospel to those who need it, even in remote, destitute areas.

It’s difficult to relate to an area you’ve never seen. Through stunning photos and videos you’ll see the beautiful people, colorful culture, and breathtaking scenery. But you’ll also see the slums, leper colonies, and red light districts where God is needed most. It’s one thing to know young girls are being sold into sexual slavery, but another thing to see a face and hear a personal testimony of such a life.

It’s time for things to get real. It’s time to take things personally. It’s time to take action in the name of Jesus.


Gospel for Asia

Can Blogging Make a Difference?

Most bloggers want to change the world only to realize no one is really listening. In my journey as a blogger I’ve had to repeatedly ask: Is it really worth the effort? But I have to speak what God puts on my heart whether anyone pays attention or not. I have to obey the promptings of God and speak about the passions He gives me. The results are up to Him.

So, yes, blogging can make a difference when done in obedience to God. If He brings just one person to read a message who needs to hear it, then mission accomplished.

Whether you have a blog, use social media, or talk to friends on the phone, your words can make a difference. Our words come from the heart, so whatever is on your heart will become a frequent topic of conversation. People who have regular contact with you will know what you care about because of what you talk about most often.

I talk a lot about God because He has shaped so much of my life. I also talk a lot about Star Wars (I can’t help myself). And people who really know me, know I have a heart for missions. I think people around the world are more open to God than most Westerners, so I’m glad to support what God is doing around the world.


Gospel for Asia



If you’d like to make a difference by blogging for Asia with me, check out the blogging information below.


Blog for Asia


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