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Live Uncaged by Mary DeMuth

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Live Uncaged: Find the Freedom You’ve Always Wanted Mary Demuth (@MaryDeMuth) 2013 106 pages Available from Amazon in paperback or Kindle editions. I read the Kindle edition.       Mary DeMuth writes well, but be warned that Live Uncaged: Find the Freedom You’ve Always Wanted is a collection of blog posts. The author states her purpose in the introduction: “I want you to be free from the shackles of the past.” While this is a worthy aim, it just didn’t seem like the selections furthered that theme. Each of the blog posts are finely written and convey their intended message. However, I found the collection, gathered into three sections (dealing with past, present, and future), seemed to lack cohesiveness to bind it all together.   Today, chilled to the fingers, I ran toward the lake, my mind wandering. Something shiny and bright caught my eye. Caught in the overhead...

Reckless Faith by Kevin G. Harney (@KevinGHarney)

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Reckless Faith Embracing a Life without Limits Kevin G. Harney 2012 203 pages   Available from Amazon in hardcover, paperback, and Kindle editions. Available from in hardcover (currently on clearance, with limited availability), paperback, ePub, and a DVD to correspond to each lesson. I read the hardcover edition.   Life can seem boring—get up, go to work, come home to watch television, and go to bed so you can do it all over again the next day. In his book, Reckless Faith: Embracing a Life without Limits, Kevin G. Harney suggests that we have become domesticated, as human beings and as Christians. Life and faith are meant to be adventurous. Instead of vicariously experiencing adventure through movies, we are meant to get out there and lead great adventures. The author invites us to have reckless faith, but he advises responsible recklessness, meaning we need to look...