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I found it difficult to put my bipolar experiences into words. Even though I’m a published author, I couldn’t adequately describe the turmoil I experienced, or how the responses of others made me feel. I felt so different and out of control—like an alien and a monster.

When I began sketching Alien Monster in 2013, I found a new way of expressing my angst. Where words failed, simple line drawings said it all. Pencil on paper brought Alien Monster to life. He became the personification of my struggles, and my relationship with him was therapeutic.

The original six-frame cartoons limited the quantity of words I could use. I had to tell short stories and I relied on facial expressions to convey most of the message. After all, my experiences are not so different from anyone else, but my feelings and reactions are the untold story. Until now.

Let me introduce you to the new, improved Bipolar Alien Monster.


Bipolar Alien Monster