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Creating Space: The Case for Everyday Creativity by Ed Cyzewski

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My book sales are down. Criticism is up. Writing books, blog posts, and social media content takes a lot of work and I’ve reached a point where I don’t think it is worth it any longer. That’s why I haven’t published anything new in two years. Between the fear of criticism and the disappointment with results, I feel paralyzed. It really squelches my creativity. But as I read Creating Space by Ed Cyzewski, I felt a new sense of clarity and purpose flicker within me.


Critics are people who avoid creating. If I keep that in mind, it minimizes the pain of harsh words about my creative work.


As for book sales, Cyzewski suggests thinking of offering your creative work as a gift, even if it’s not free. In other words, I need to prepare a gift suited to the recipient and make it my best work.


Creating Space offers valuable encouragement and insight for writers and creators of all types.


Book Quotes

“However, there is an unmistakable generosity in blogging. Good blogging, like other forms of good creativity, is an art that becomes a gift.”

“What are you cultivating to give to others?”

“I don’t want to give my friends, family, and colleagues a shoddy gift.”

“Consequently, when you think of your creative pursuits as a gift, you’ll be better prepared to think about your audience and how to reach them. When your creative work is an act of service, you need to find the people you’re supposed to serve.”

“Removing money from the equation, what would you want to give as a gift to the people you know?”

“I seek distractions in order to avoid the struggle of creating.”

“There were plenty of days that I settled for being a coward, only criticizing the work of others rather than asking what I’ve been put on the earth to do.”

“Are you creating something?” (Post this at my desk and other places to help me stay focused)

–Ed Cyzewski, Creating Space


Creating Space: The Case for Everyday Creativity

Ed Cyzewski


44 pages




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