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Crisis in Leadership by KP Yohannan

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Crisis in Leadership

K. P. Yohannan


70 pages


I would read anything by K.P. Yohannan so even though I’m not in leadership or a ministry position, I picked up this little booklet. It was so much more than a little leadership pep talk. I expected some leadership philosophy and psychology, but I was pleasantly surprised to find so much more in these pages.

The main point of the book has to do with insecurity—something to which we can all relate. It offers specific insights and applications for if you feel insecure as a leader, but also what to do if you are under a leader who is insecure or perhaps feels threatened by you.

Don’t be fooled by the title. Whether you’re a leader or not, this book has important insights for anyone.

I found this section inspiring:

“I testify to you, over these decades of walking with my Lord, the only times I have lost peace, stability and time were when I used my own logic to interpret life and make my choices. I’m sad for those seasons.

However, when I had no argument and just followed the Lord and trusted Him, I found life was beautiful, and there was such peace.”

–K.P. Yohannan, Crisis in Leadership

I want that kind of peace and beauty in my life. I want to follow Him and trust Him that way.


Here are a few tweetable quotes from the book:

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