December 4: Need Wisdom? Just Ask!

Dec 04

December 4: Need Wisdom? Just Ask!

If you need wisdom, ask our generous God, and he will give it to you. He will not rebuke you for asking.

James 1:5


Should I break up with her or not? Each of us can identify with these kinds of dilemmas. Not only do we encounter significant dilemmas in life, but we feel them deeply because of the emotions attached to the decisions. The people and things we care about most are the ones we agonize over the most when we have to make a decision. If we didn’t care, we’d make a quick decision and move on.

Joseph cared about Mary. They were engaged to be married when he found out she was pregnant. And her “story” that it was from God and an angel told her—it must have seemed unbelievable. The Bible is full of events that aren’t mere history; they are events from the lives of real people facing the same kind of decisions and emotions we face today. Sure, the lifestyle might be incredibly different, but the visceral impact of life events is the same in any generation.

What kind of dilemmas are you facing? Is there a decision on the horizon for you? College? Career? Family? Friends? Travel? Whatever you face, no matter how deeply involved you are or how much it hurts, God is there for you. If you need advice or wisdom about what to do, just ask Him. He will be glad to give you advice. There’s nothing wrong with asking for help. God loves it when we depend on Him.

But when you ask for advice, you need to be ready to set aside your preferences and do whatever God tells you. When people talk about their prayers “hitting the ceiling” without a reply, they feel frustrated that God isn’t answering their prayers. This can happen when we merely want God to approve our plans without really being willing to listen to what He has to say. If you’re not willing to listen, God’s not going to bother.

However, if you have a heart that wants whatever God wants for you, ask for wisdom and He will freely give it. The more you work on building a relationship with God day in and day out, the more the wisdom from above will naturally flow. God will begin showing you what to do before you even ask!



Lord, I come to you today asking for wisdom. There are areas of my life that are not functioning as well as I’d like so I hand them over to you. Please show me what to do in each of these areas. Please make it clear so I understand. I know an angel probably won’t appear on my doorstep, but I really want to know what you want me to do and I will do what you tell me, to the best of my ability. Thank you for leading and guiding me. I look forward to your answers and the wisdom I need to live for you.