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Book Extras- Bonus Features for Books by Christy Bower

This page is for downloadable book extras that correspond with my books

If you purchased one of my books, there may be extra content available, sort of like the bonus features on a DVD. You’ll find PDFs of sample chapters, interviews, word searches, crossword puzzles, worksheets, and reading charts. You’ll find all your book extras right here.


Bible Surveyor Handbook Extras


101 Readings to Survey the Bible101 Readings to Survey the Bible

If you’ve never read the Bible (or even if you have) it can seem overwhelming to read the whole thing. Start with an overview. This chart lists 101 selections from the Bible that will give you a brief overview. Great for homeschool and youth, too. This is a downloadable extra from the Bible Surveyor Handbook: A 15-Lesson Overview of the Entire Bible.

101 Readings PDF


Bible Explorer Reading ChartBible Explorer Reading Chart

If you’re ready to explore the Bible in more depth, this chart divides the entire Bible into 15 eras of history. Find out which books of the Bible relate to the Assyrian, Babylonian, or Persian eras, for instance. This is a downloadable extra from the Bible Surveyor Handbook: A 15-Lesson Overview of the Entire Bible.

Bible Explorer PDF



Bible Surveyor WorksheetsBible Surveyor Worksheets

These downloadable worksheets contain the “Field Notes” questions and Bible readings for each lesson, with plenty of space to write your answers or take notes. Perfect for personal study or homeschool use.

Worksheets PDF




Crossword Bible Studies


Spending time in the Bible can be as enjoyable as a daily crossword puzzle.

Everyone loves crossword puzzles so here’s a free one for you. This puzzle for Matthew 5 includes the familiar Beatitudes. If you don’t have a KJV Bible, you can download PDFs of each book listed below.

Crossword PDF


KJV Downloads


KJV DownloadsKJV Text for Use with Crossword Bible Studies

If you are working on one of the Crossword Bible Studies, you’ll need to consult the KJV Bible. I’ve created individual PDF copies of the text for each book of the Bible so you can download the one that corresponds to the puzzles you are working. The puzzle clues were based on the 1611 KJV text so these downloads will help you fill in the blanks.

Go to KJV Downloads. 


Dragon Hollow Trilogy Opening Chapters


Read the First Seven Chapters of The Legend of Dragon Hollow

Are you wondering if my youth fantasy fiction is right for you or your kids? This 60+ page PDF contains the first seven chapters of the book, an interview with me about questions parents ask about the books, the full table of contents, and reader reviews. Let me answer your questions about the style, message, target audience, and even the limits of fantasy elements (like magic) in the book.

7 Sample Chapters PDF


Read the First Four Chapters of The Secret of the Sword

Book 2 in the Dragon Hollow Trilogy is action packed. I’ve given you four chapters in this PDF to help you get into the story. I also included a different author interview to give you even more insight into the story, the characters, and the author. Once you read these sample chapters, you’ll be anxious to finish the book. Plus, dragons and donkeys make an awesome combination.

4 Sample Chapters PDF



Read the First Four Chapters of The Rise of the Dragon King

Some kids have said book 3 was their favorite in the trilogy, but find out for yourself. Read the first four chapters to see where the story is going and you’ll be looking forward to finishing the book. In this PDF I included a new author interview answering your questions. You can let your kids read with confidence when you have pre-screened the material. Picky moms pick Christy.

4 Sample Chapters PDF


Dragon Hollow Word Search

Word Search for The Legend of Dragon Hollow

Those who have read The Legend of Dragon Hollow can relive the fun as they look for the names of favorite characters in the word search. Even those who haven’t read them yet will still enjoy the puzzle. You’ll need something to pass the time while your book order arrives. Feel free to copy and share with a class.

Word Search 1 PDF



Secret of the Sword WSWord Search for The Secret of the Sword

As you look for the words in this puzzle, you may find yourself giggling as you recall humorous things that happened in The Secret of the Sword. Enjoy the fun all over again in this word search. And if you haven’t read the book, you’ll enjoy the fun names in the puzzle. How many words can you find? Which ones make you laugh?


Word Search 2 PDF



Rise of the Dragon King WSWord Search for The Rise of the Dragon King

Did your favorite characters make the list in this word search? Enjoy your favorite characters and recall their encounters–heroic or humorous–as you solve this puzzle. This is a fun companion activity to go with The Rise of the Dragon King. Use it for a rainy day activity, a reward for reading, or something to pass the time until your book order arrives.


Word Search 3 PDF


Summer Reading DHDragon Hollow Summer Reading Chart

How did you do?

1-2 books = Dragon Breath

3-4 books = Donkey Oatie Can’t Stop Laughing

5-6 books = You Must Pay the Troll’s Toll

7-8 books = You Will Fight the Dragon, But Who Will Win?

9-10 books = Dragon Slayer!


Summer Reading PDF