Epaphras Prayer-Warrior Award

Nov 02

Epaphras Prayer-Warrior Award

Introducing the 2016 Biblical Character Awards

The Biblical Character Awards are my way of featuring a handful of readers and recognizing them for their contribution to my life and ministry.


“They have been a wonderful encouragement to me, as they have been to you. You must show your appreciation to all who serve so well” (1 Corinthians 16:18).


Meet Sara McKeefer

Sara McKeefer


I first knew Sara McKeefer as @lakegirl90 on Twitter. Her Twitter handle comes from living in the Northern Indiana Lakes Area. I watched as Sara connected with people on Twitter through prayer. She engages with people by sharing their prayer requests and celebrating answers. What a sweet spirit!

When Sara learned I have bipolar disorder, we connected even deeper because she has a family member with a mental illness. Sara has been a great encouragement to me for several years. I always know she will encourage me with a kind word, Scripture, and prayer. I am pleased to honor her with the Epaphras Prayer-Warrior Award.


Epaphras Prayer-Warrior Award

The Apostle Paul recognized Epaphras as someone who prayed earnestly for others. For this reason, the Epaphras Prayer-Warrior Award is given to someone who demonstrates the love of Christ by serving others through prayer and encouragement.

“Epaphras, a member of your own fellowship and a servant of Christ Jesus, sends you his greetings. He always prays earnestly for you, asking God to make you strong and perfect, fully confident that you are following the whole will of God” (Colossians 4:12).


Epaphras Prayer-Warrior Award