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Epic: The Story God Is Telling by John Eldredge

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Epic, by John Eldredge, has an important message: We long to be part of something epic, which leads us to God. The author explains how every story has the same essential components and those are the same components originally found in the story of God—everything is beautiful, an Adversary interferes, an epic battle ensues, and good prevails. He compares it to a four-act play.

The short book isn’t as epic as I’d hoped. I couldn’t help but feel I’d read it all before—verbatim. I thumbed through a couple of Eldgredge’s other books, but couldn’t easily pick out a single chapter to say, “That’s it.” But the endless movie references, theological quotes, and personal experiences from his life all sounded too familiar.

“Rescuing the human heart is the hardest mission in the world. The dilemma of the Story is this: we don’t know if we want to be rescued. We are so enamored with our small stories and our false gods, we are so bound up in our addictions and our self-centeredness and take-it-for-granted unbelief that we don’t even know how to cry out for help. And the Evil One has no intention of letting his captives walk away scot-free. He seduces us, deceives us, assaults us—whatever it takes to keep us in darkness.”

–John Eldredge, Epic


Epic: The Story God Is Telling

John Eldredge


113 pages





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