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Five Free Coloring Pages

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Do you like to color or know someone who does? It’s okay if you have a “friend” (meaning yourself) who colors because millions of adults are re-discovering the joy of coloring. It’s a way to unwind that’s cheaper than therapy. And if coloring Bible verse pages, it can help you memorize Scripture while you color. In fact, I consider coloring a form of meditation because it allows me to think with God about the subject I’m coloring.

So I thought I’d share a few recent finds. These blogs or websites have one or more free Bible coloring pages. Most of them link to the host site and you’ll have to spot the download link there.


1. Harvest House Publishers

This lovely butterfly with John 15:7 is offered as a free sample from Harvest House. Because I was able to embed the Tweet into this post, when you click the link, it will open the PDF. Then, save or print. Enjoy!


2. Duct Tape and Denim

Download this free coloring sheet and you’ll be able to reflect on Proverbs 3:5-6 while you color.


3. Women by Grace

Genesis 12:2 coveys the idea we are blessed to be a blessing, so this is a wonderful thought to meditate on while coloring this unique design.


4. Kathleen Fucci Ministries

10 FREE Bible Verse Coloring Pages–You’ll have to go through a “purchase” process, but it is a zero cost transaction.


5. Pitter and Glink

This night sky page features Psalm 19:1 as the heavens declare God’s glory.



Interested in coloring books? Here are a few to consider:





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