God Chose You to Do Hard Things

Nov 30

God Chose You to Do Hard Things

God chose you.

He chose you to be part of His wonderful, miraculous plan. He made you uniquely qualified for your role in a divine plan. Your role in this marvelous world is a custom fit.

Your role in God’s amazing plan is more significant than you think. If you’re thinking anything less than miraculous, you’re selling yourself short—you’re selling God short! God can do anything. He can do abundantly more than we ask or imagine (Ephesians 3:20).

Here’s the rub.

It’s not about you. Your role in God’s plan is huge, but you are small. How can this be?

A couple thousand years ago, God chose two young teens. He called them to something more fantastic than they could imagine. He called them to parent the divine child—the promised Messiah of Israel who would claim the throne of David.

A divine child. Holy conception. A virgin birth. Angels appearing. Sacred dreams. Prophetic confirmation. World recognition.

It must have been surreal.

But along with that holy calling came shame and disgrace. An unmarried pregnancy. Questions. Doubts. Fear. Poverty. Childbirth during travel. A humble, messy birth. Escape by night. Becoming refugees in Egypt. Protecting Israel’s Most Wanted—the holy child, Jesus, Immanuel, God with us.

You see, God chose you to do hard things.

They may seem like ordinary things like pregnancy and childrearing, being a carpenter, or helping a friend or relative. Ordinary, right? But woven into those ordinary things is the hard stuff. The problems of life may be ordinary, but they feel overwhelming when we experience them. Whether it’s the shame we feel when others gossip about us or the uncertainty we feel living in poverty, these are the things God has chosen for us. God chose you to do hard things.

None of us likes to do hard things. We seek the easy path whenever we can. We procrastinate or avoid unpleasant tasks.

Difficult as it may seem, God chose you to do hard things because He is in the hard things. He doesn’t expect you to do the hard things. He expects to live His life through you, doing the hard things through you. His burden is light. You can let Him do hard things through you.

Why does life have to be so hard? God can’t do miraculous things through easy stuff. God puts you in challenges that allow Him to work through you in amazing ways. That’s why God chose you to do hard things.