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God Laughs & 42 More Surprising Facts About God That Will Change Your Life

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God Laughs & 42 More Surprising Facts About God That Will Change Your LifeGod Laughs & 42 More Surprising Facts About God That Will Change Your Life by Elmer L. Towns
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God Laughs contains 43 short chapters describing the traits of God. The Bible describes God in various ways, including anthropomorphisms (attributing human qualities to God, such as “the eyes of the Lord”) and other descriptions of God’s personality. The book provides a nice overview of some concepts about God that Christians easily overlook or may not have considered.

At times, it seemed as if the chapters contained more personal stories of the authors than biblical teaching on the topics. I would also caution that there were some yellow flags about their view of grace. It seemed as though they preferred legalism to grace, but the benefits of the book outweigh the subtle problems.

God Laughs is a creative look at some lesser-known truths about God. If you want to enlarge your understanding of whom God is and what He is like, then give God Laughs an evening or two of your time.

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1. God Has a Heart

If you would find God’s heart, then you must seek Him wholeheartedly.


2. God Has a Face

God tells us to seek His face and we will find it when we become more like Him.


3. God Sings

The Lord sings over us to express His joy in our obedience and worship; shouldn’t we sing back to Him?


4. God Has a Mind

Only God understands the reasons why He does the things He does.


5. God Is Sometimes Silent

Sometimes we worship God best in reverent silence.


6. God Thinks about Us

The more you reflect on God’s purpose for your life, the better you can fulfill His will.


7. God Has Unique Plans for Every Unsaved Person

One of the greatest motivations for someone to become a Christian is that God loves you and has a wonderful plan for your life.


8. God Remembers No Longer

Because of His nature, God can’t forget anything, but because of Christ’s death, God can choose to forget our sins.


9. God Reads and Writes

God has a written record of your faithful works, not to remind Him, because He knows and remembers everything; the written record is for your sake.


10. God Has Unknowable Secrets

Because we are human, there are certain things about God we’ll never know. We must accept and worship God for what we know about Him.


11. God Whispers

God whispers to get us to stop talking and listen to Him.


12. God Has a Nose

God was pleased when He smelled the aroma of burning animal sacrifices in the Old Testament. Now we can please God by sacrificing our bodies to Him.


13. God Has Was in His Ears

Our sin plugs up God’s ears so that He doesn’t hear our prayers.


14. God Loves to Provide for Our Needs

When we sacrifice all to God, then He provides for our needs.


15. God’s Eyes See All

Because we can’t hide our sins from God, we must approach Him with a repentant heart.


16. God Hates Certain Things

God hates for us to put our selfish ego in His place.


17. God Heals Protectively

God heals our sicknesses, but did you know that God also heals by protecting us from illness?


18. God Laughs

The salvation of a lost person brings joy and laughter to God.


19. God Gets Weary

Since our sins weary God, Jesus had to become completely human to die for our sins.


20. God Gets Angry

Often we get angry at the wrong thing, at the wrong time, but God’s anger is always appropriate, because He gets angry for the right reasons.


21. God Waits

God does not do everything instantly; He has chosen to work slowly and belatedly through processes of human life.


22. God Whistles

We can trust God to keep His promises, because He will bring Israel back to the Promised Land with a whistle.


23. God Anguishes

To anguish is one of the most desperate emotions, yet God anguishes over our sins.


24. God Quenches

God wants to satisfy the deep longings of people’s search for meaning in life.


25. God Smiles

God’s smile is the reward of Christianity, and He smiles on us when we do His will.


26. God Gets Jealous

We make God jealous when we put our “stuff” or another person in His place.


27. God Punishes Sin

Since God has given Commandments and principles to serve and please Him, why are we surprised when He punishes disobedience?


28. God Frowns

Because there are times when God is displeased, we must learn how to approach Him correctly.


29. God Cries

Our unbelief in God brings tears to His eyes.


30. God Has Strength and Beauty

God is both strong and beautiful. We must learn both sides of God so we can receive everything He has for us.


31. God Can Be Pleased

God is pleased with the magnitude of our faith when we believe He can and will do great things for us.


32. God Collects Tears in a Bottle

God doesn’t forget about our anguish, and perhaps He collects our tears in a bottle.


33. God Has No Tomorrows

Yesterday is foundational, and tomorrow is a dream, but today is the most important time. We must learn to live in the NOW, where God lives.


34. God Is Love

God doesn’t just express love; He is the source of all love, and because we are made in His image, we get our passion for love from Him.


35. God Is Holy

We use the word “holy” to describe God because it means to be separate from sin, and is the essence of purity.


36. God Is Good

God is good by His nature, and that includes all the good things He does for us and everyone else.


37. God Has Person-like Traits

God is a person with the power of intellect, emotions and choice, so we can know Him by these traits.


38. God Is All-Powerful

We can trust God because He can do everything He wants to do—nothing is impossible to Him.


39. God Is All-Knowing

God knows everything possible to know about us and everyone else, and He knows everything that hasn’t happened or that could have happened.


40. God Is Present Everywhere

We are never alone because God is present everywhere at the same time.


41. God Is Spirit

Because God is Spirit in nature, we cannot see Him; but we can know Him because He is a person.


42. God Never Changes

We change constantly, but we can trust God because He never changes.


43. God Is Three in One

The Father, Son and Holy Spirit are equal in divine nature, separate in personality, yet submissive in duties. The Father sends the Son into the world to purchase salvation, and the Father and Son send the Holy Spirit to deliver salvation and power for Christian living to believers.


God Laughs & 42 More Surprising Facts About God That Will Change Your Life

Elmer L. Towns & Charles Billingsley


225 pages


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