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Grace Intervention by Bill Giovannetti

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Bill Giovannetti offers another powerful affirmation of the doctrine of grace. (See also my review for his book, Grace Rehab.)

Legalism sneaks into our hearts and lives so easily that we do well to saturate our hearts and minds with the doctrine of grace, keeping it front and center every day of our lives.


“Every good thing that happens in and through you happens only through Christ in you. Take away this mystical union, and Christianity cheapens into pop psychology slathered in Jesus quotes.”

–Bill Giovannetti, Grace Intervention


Because legalism comes in many subtle forms, the author exposes both traditional legalism and neo-legalism. He also responds to typical objections to grace using Scripture and examples. He defines grace as “the unmerited favor of a non-lenient God” because he doesn’t want people to confuse grace with leniency. In other words, it’s not that God is overlooking our sin because our sin cost Him dearly.

Grace Intervention reaches into our lives to the heart of our struggle to earn God’s blessings or keep the rules. The author explains that it’s not what we do for God—the arrows going up from us to God—that matters. Rather it’s what God does for us—the arrows going down from God to us—that is the source of grace and power in our lives.



If you need a fresh infusion of grace, pick up a copy of Grace Intervention and soak in these truths all over again.

Grace Intervention

Understanding God’s Beautiful Gift of Grace

Bill Giovannetti


256 pages

“On the basis of the Word of God, I hereby set you free from trying to glorify God by your own deeds. Give it up. Rest. Cease striving. Be still and know that he is God.”

–Bill Giovannetti, Grace Intervention

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