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Grace Rehab: The Power of Labeling Yourself the Way God Labels You by Bill Giovannetti

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Grace Rehab

The Power of Labeling Yourself the Way God Labels You

Bill Giovannetti


214 pages


For years I have been struggling to earn God’s blessings. I have poor health and cannot work outside the home, but Christians always told me I just needed to “have more faith” or “pray more” or things like that. I interpreted that to mean I had to do more to earn God’s favor.

Bill Giovannetti blew away my faulty thinking. He says, “A blessing is a gift of grace.” Based on that definition, I can’t earn God’s blessings; they are freely given.

God gives blessings, not paychecks. And therefore, you don’t serve God for blessings. If you had to work for them, they couldn’t be called blessings, by definition. Do you realize what this means? This means God doesn’t bless you because you studied your Bible this week . . . because you prayed extra hard, or . . . because you gave more.

–Bill Giovannetti, Grace Rehab


God can’t love you any more than he already loves you and he can’t bless you any more than he has already blessed you. Because we are “in Christ” and Christ is “in us” all God’s blessings are ours. So rather than seeking to earn God’s blessings, we simply have to learn to experience them.

The gospel of God does not send you forth on a lifelong errand to earn your blessings. It sends you forth to believe in the blessings that became yours once for all in the hour you first believed.

–Bill Giovannetti, Grace Rehab


I had unknowingly become sucked into a form of legalism, trying to earn God’s favor for my life circumstances. My circumstances haven’t changed, but as a result of reading Grace Rehab, my perception has changed.

God wants to create in you a triumphant spirit. This is what happens when you upgrade your heart’s operating system from legalism (your performance) to grace (God’s performance).

–Bill Giovannetti, Grace Rehab


I encourage you to pick up a copy of Grace Rehab. It changed my life more profoundly than any book I’ve read in recent years. I just might change yours, too. Thanks, Bill!

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