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Hearing God through Biblical Meditation by @MarkVirkler

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Hearing God through Biblical Meditation is another valuable book by Mark Virkler. It expands upon the overview of biblical meditation provided in the brief eBook, Meditation: How to Study the Bible in the Presence of God. So if one were choosing between the two, I’d go for this more comprehensive edition because it not only provides solid biblical teaching, but interactive exercises to put the teaching of each section into practice.

The author provides an introduction (or review) of his teaching on how to hear God’s voice through two-way journaling. Then he explains the difference between study and meditation, and he goes on to describe seven steps to guide you through a process of biblical meditation. Biblical meditation involves asking God to identify your needs and guiding you through a study of relevant topics until the Spirit opens your eyes to a fresh understanding (Ephesians 1:18). There’s nothing creepy or unbiblical here.

Most of us know some basics about studying the Bible, so biblical meditation goes beyond mere information to life transformation. That happens when we engage both head and heart as we study in the presence of God. I intend to spend more time with Hearing God through Biblical Meditation as I practice this process.


Book Quotes

“God’s Voice—Spontaneous thoughts that light upon our minds while our hearts are fixed on Jesus.”

“Living Truth—Truth that is revealed by the Holy Spirit and has become radiant in one’s life.”

“Biblical Meditation—The Holy Spirit’s use of every faculty of man’s heart and mind.”

“Revelation is not intended to sound like some overly mystical experiences, nor should it be regarded as an unbiblical concept.”

“An example of revelation knowledge is when you are reading the Bible and a verse leaps off the page, hits you between the eyes, and God says, This is for you . . . right now!”

“We define ‘godly imagination’ as picturing things the Bible says are true.”

“Your imagination is a canvas that was designed to be painted upon by the brushstrokes of Heaven.”

–Mark Virkler, Hearing God through Biblical Meditation: Unlocking Fresh Revelation Daily


Hearing God through Biblical Meditation: Unlocking Fresh Revelation Daily

Mark Virkler


194 pages




I encourage you to take Mark Virkler’s online course, Hearing God’s Voice. This wonderful video experience immerses you in the process of learning to hear from God through two-way journaling.

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