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Hope Stands by Samuel Kee

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Hope Stands

Ten Reasons Why You Must Not Give Up

Samuel Kee


182 pages


Samuel Kee was preparing to speak at a youth retreat when he felt a burden to speak on suicide. He prepared his message and the day before the event, the youth pastor called to tell him one of the students in the group had just committed suicide. Understandably, his message struck a nerve. He told the kids “they are never without hope so long as one person is standing up for them.” That person is Jesus. Because Jesus is standing up for us, we are never without hope.

Kee began sharing this message other places and experiencing the same results. His message, based on the resurrection as told in John 20-21, is “Hope Stands.”

“When Jesus Christ stood up from the grave on the third day, he released a power to all those who would follow him. The resurrection releases us from the emotional conditions that trap us. Once we are released, the resurrection gives us a purpose in life and a mission.”

–Samuel Kee, Hope Stands

Many people struggle with hopelessness. Jesus is willing to stand up for us, giving us hope. Hope Stands offers ten reasons we must not give up. Kee doesn’t offer shallow, fashionable hope full of feel-good platitudes. Rather, he offers solid reasons to have hope.

“Hope is not the product of a cleverly argued thesis; it is a historical event—a real story in real life. Hope is not uncertain but certain. We are not waiting for something good to happen, hope has already happened.”

–Samuel Kee, Hope Stands

When I began reading Hope Stands, I was thrilled by the premise set forth in the introduction, but I felt disappointed in the first few chapters. There were too many stories and I wanted to get down to the good stuff. After having a difficult time getting into the first few chapters, the writing gained momentum and by the second half of the book, I was fully engaged. Perhaps the first few chapters didn’t resonate for me personally, but I found greater application in the second half. In all, it’s worth a read because I think everyone can find some gems that apply to them in these pages.

“Resurrection happens at a cemetery, not a party. When God chooses to unleash a victory, the backdrop he selects looks more like pain than power.”

–Samuel Kee, Hope Stands

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