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If a Fourth Grader Can Write a Book Review, So Can You!

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After asking for volunteers to read and review my book, Sweeter Than Chocolate, I found a common theme among responses. Those who declined a free copy of my book seemed to think writing a review would be too difficult. With that in mind, I’ve assembled some tips for writing a review. There’s even a PDF version at the bottom of the post for you to save for later use.


Me? Write a Book Review?

If a fourth grader can write a book review, so can you!

Just in case you haven’t written a book review since the fourth grade, I have assembled a few tips for your convenience. I hope a little guidance might help you feel more comfortable saying “yes!” to my request for a book review.

  • Keep it short. Aim for 100-450 words. I know you can write 100 words!
  • Mention any relevant experience you have on the topic or genre. For example, “I’ve read hundreds of fantasy fiction books and this one . . .” or “I’ve worked in [field related to the book] and this book . . .”
  • Did the book remind you of another book? Compare the book to another book you like.
  • Describe how you benefitted from the book or why it mattered to you. This is probably the most important part to people reading your book review.
  • Refrain from spoiling the ending of fiction by sharing too much detail.
  • What did you like most about the book? Was the book worth the time it took to read it?
  • Is there something you wish the author had covered or done differently? What might make the book better? No book is perfect so it’s okay to be honest (with kindness).

Those are idea starters. It would be awkward to try to include all of them in one review. I wanted to provide ideas so you feel confident writing a book review.

You can do this! Thank you!


P. S. If these tips make you feel more comfortable saying “yes!” to my request for a book review, send me an email or use the contact form on the Reviewers page.

Free Download

For your convenience, I have assembled these guidelines into a downloadable PDF (pictured below). Save it to refer to when you’re ready to write a review.

Open PDF


If a fourth grader can write a book review, so can you!

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