In the Midst of a Terrorist Haven, Muslims Are Turning to Christ in Yemen

Jul 03

In the Midst of a Terrorist Haven, Muslims Are Turning to Christ in Yemen

Yemen has become a battleground for the two ideologies of Islam. Plus, its location makes it a breeding ground and safe haven for terrorists. Yet despite the hostile environment, Yemeni Muslims are turning to Christ to find peace. The Christians there face daily persecution from their families, coworkers, and others. Their businesses suffer, too, because Muslims won’t do business with them any more.

“Sam” in the video below asks Christians around the world to pray for the Christians in Yemen because they have so many obstacles to overcome and daily troubles. It’s even impossible for them to obtain a Bible in Yemen.

Imagine trying to grow in your new faith as a Christ-follower without even having a Bible. Christians living under Islamic rule need our prayers.




Five Prayers for Muslims

Muslims pray five times a day so I’m offering five prayers for you to pray with me.

Lord, I ask you to . . .

  • Find a way to make Bibles available to those who don’t have one.
  • Help believers in Yemen and other countries to find television, radio, or Internet sources to help them learn and grow in their faith.
  • Cause Christians to find one another because they need the moral support to help them grow and stay strong in the midst of persecution.
  • Heal the pain of having family and friends persecute and ridicule them for choosing Christ over Islam.
  • Reward their courage for standing up for their faith in Christ rather than hiding it.

Ask God how He wants you to pray for Muslims and what more He wants you to do.