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Joy Is a Choice: [Music Video] I’m Trading My Sorrows – Zimbabwe Style

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We all face problems. Huge, horrible problems. Life-shattering problems. Stressful daily problems. Health problems. Money problems. All kinds of problems.

But we have a choice. Are we going to choose to let the problems weigh us down? Or are we going to choose to trade our problems for the joy of the Lord.

That’s the message of this song, “I’m Trading My Sorrows.” Part of the following video is done in English, but most of it is in their native tongue. Still, the joy of the Lord is evident in these Christians from Zimbabwe. In fact, it’s contagious.

I encourage you to take five minutes to let their joy rub off on you. And remember, you have a choice to cling to your problems or trade them for the joy of the Lord.


I’m Trading My Sorrows – Zimbabwe Style


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