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Kevin G. Harney (@KevinGHarney) on Reckless Extravagance

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God’s lavish love is often described as being poured out to us like filling a cup until it overflows. I understand that, but I have searched for another way to describe it.

In his book, Reckless Faith: Embracing a Life without Limits, Kevin G. Harney offers an analogy that not only encompasses God’s lavish provision toward us, but how we, in turn, can demonstrate the same extravagance toward others.

With that, let me introduce you to the small-town parade and the reckless extravagance it demonstrates.

Book Excerpt

Every person on every truck and in every car was holding a bucket or large bag of . . . CANDY! That’s right. The participants in the parade were throwing candy into the crowds lining the street. . . .

For the next thirty minutes I studied this phenomenon. The crowds, the candy, and the whole thing fascinated me. As the parade passed by, I noticed that there were two distinct kinds of candy-throwing kids. In each truck and on each flatbed there were kids who were very reserved in their candy distribution. I watched as a boy looked into his candy bag and examined his hoard of sweets. He deliberated over which single piece he should throw. He would stare into the bag and, finally, carefully, place his hand in and draw out just the right piece.

Then, he would look at the crowd of kids as they stretched out their hands and screamed for candy. “Throw it, throw it here!” He would study each face, looking for just the right person (usually it seemed like he was looking for someone he knew). He would make eye contact and nod his head as if to say, “Are you ready?” He would wait for just the right moment to throw his one piece of candy. Sometimes, by the time he decided who should receive his snack-size Snickers bar, airmailed from the back of his moving perch, he was past that part of the route and he would begin looking for another possible recipient of his singular sugar treat.

It seemed like every float and truck had some kids like this. There were boys and girls who were so deliberate that they would go a long way down the parade route and never throw a single piece of candy into the frenzied crowd. I got the sense that some of them would finish the parade and still have a bucket full of candy. I found myself wondering if they thought they were going to get to keep whatever was left after the parade was done.

In dramatic contrast were the boys and girls who began down the parade route and would immediately start heaving candy at the crowds with two-fisted fury. These kids drove their little hands deep into the bag of candy on their lap, grabbed as much as they could, and let it fly! They took clear delight in watching the crowds on the sides of the street jump up to receive the airborne treats. They could not help themselves. They were candy-throwing machines. They were reckless!

. . .

I found myself reflecting on my own life. Am I the safe kid in the back of the truck holding the vast riches of God’s kingdom and tentatively doling out one piece at a time . . . when the moment seems perfect? Or am I the kid who grabs two handfuls of God’s goodness, grace, and gospel and throws it out with reckless abandon?

I know what kind of kid I want to be!

–Kevin G. Harney, Reckless Faith, page 26.

I wish demonstrating love were as simple as throwing a fist-full of candy at a crowd.

It’s one thing to read things like this and have a brief heartwarming. It’s another thing to find practical ways to put it into action. What would it look like for you to demonstrate reckless extravagance to others?

Perhaps the best place to start is to ask yourself, “In what ways has God demonstrated His lavish love and reckless extravagance toward me?” Then, based on your answer, I think you might have a clue about how you can extend that same extravagant love toward others.

Let’s brainstorm. Share a practical way you could demonstrate reckless extravagance to others.


You can connect with Kevin G. Harney on Twitter (@KevinGHarney) or check out his website:

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