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Living Naturally Supernatural: Letting Jesus Live through You

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I just completed another online course from School of the Spirit. I’m amazed at how much God uses these courses to change my life. Because I have bipolar disorder, my thoughts, moods, and emotions get pretty messed up but God has used the lessons in these courses to bring stability to my life.

Living Naturally Supernatural was a course focused on letting God live through you. Over the course of ten lessons, I learned how to become aware of God’s presence in my life and how to consciously invite God to work in my life. In addition, I learned how to release God’s supernatural power to work in a situation.

I had just started the online course, Living Naturally Supernatural, when my mom became unwell. While she slept in her recliner, I would sleep on the couch to watch over her. All the while, I would pray, “Lord, I release your power and love to work in Mom’s body,” as I had learned in the early lessons of the course. It turned out she had experienced a heart attack and the doctors didn’t have much hope for her. They speculated that if they took her off the ventilator, she would die within 24 hours. But as I continued to release God’s power in the situation, she improved and came home, against all odds.

Of course, the lessons aren’t focused on physical healing. The applications are abundant. For instance, if I have trouble loving someone, I can ask God to love that person through me. God already loves that person so I can volunteer to be a conduit (vessel) of God’s love toward that person.

If you’re ready to revitalize your relationship with God, allow Him to use the online courses at School of the Spirit to bring fresh life to your spirit. It’s all biblically based teaching that will simply bring a fresh perspective on the timeless truths in the Bible. Here’s an example of the main points of the course I just completed:


Seven Truths to Living Naturally Supernatural


I’ve been given permission to let you sample the courses. Set up a free (no obligation) account to access the Free Course Sampler.

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