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Make Room for Miracles: 40 Bags in 40 Days Challenge

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It’s time to declutter! Can you fill a bag or box of any size every day for 40 days? During the 40 days of Lent, take a few minutes each day to fill a bag with unwanted items. The bags could be trash or items to give to a thrift store (or perhaps your own garage sale!). Here are 40 examples of places to check for clutter as you fill bags. The second page provides blank space for you to create your own specific list.

Let’s clear out the clutter and make room for miracles!

  1. Clothes (don’t fit, worn out, needs mending, don’t wear)
  2. Bedroom closet
  3. Under bed storage
  4. Bedroom dresser
  5. Bedroom nightstand
  6. Bathroom drawers
  7. Bathroom cabinets
  8. Medicine cabinet
  9. Pantry (check freshness dates)
  10. Spice drawer/rack (old, not used)
  11. Refrigerator
  12. Freezer
  13. Kitchen cabinets, especially plastic storage and orphan pieces
  14. Kitchen drawers (old utensils)
  15. Kitchen linens (worn out)
  16. Cookbook shelf
  17. Broken appliances, VCRs, vacuum cleaners, etc. (if you haven’t fixed it by now, you won’t)
  18. Desktop piles
  19. Desk drawers
  20. Office technology (old storage formats, extra cables, obsolete items)
  21. Office (general)
  22. File drawers
  23. Old notebooks
  24. Bookshelves
  25. Magazine bin, old phone books, and catalogs
  26. Coat closet
  27. Linen closet
  28. Seasonal storage (Christmas decorations no longer used)
  29. Storage totes, shoe boxes, and other containers
  30. Junk drawers
  31. Craft or hobby materials
  32. Garage shelves (or piles)
  33. Garage (take another look)
  34. Cleaning supplies (ancient, unused)
  35. Garden tools (broken, no longer used)
  36. Long-term storage (if you haven’t used it, do you need it?)
  37. Media (old cassettes, VCR tapes, DVDs, music CDs, etc.)
  38. Laundry room
  39. Living room storage stashes
  40. Miscellaneous cabinets, shelves

Download a free PDF of this list, plus a blank list for you to plan your purge and track your progress.

Open PDF


Make Room for Miracles: 40 Bags in 40 Days Challenge


Make Room for Miracles: 40 Bags in 40 Days Challenge

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