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Muslims Who Turn to Christ Are Rejected by Family and Community

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Real life is messy. Relationships are messy. But things get even messier when religious systems are involved that mandate consequences among family members for actions taken. Islam forces families, friends, and community to reject a Muslim who converts to Christianity. In many cases the new Christian forfeits all personal property and is even at risk for being killed for converting.

Listen to this testimony of hope and healing for one family. God knows and cares about our circumstances. He is able to overcome. He can heal hearts and restore relationships.





Five Prayers for Muslims

Muslims pray five times a day so I’m offering five prayers for you to pray with me.

Lord, I ask you to . . .

  • Give Muslim converts to Christianity strength to carry on when rejected by family and friends.
  • Keep them strong so they do notĀ falter in their newfound faith in You.
  • Help them count the loss of possessions as nothing compared to their relationship with You.
  • Pay them back for all they have lost in turning to Christ.
  • Provide opportunities for MuslimĀ converts to Christianity to share their testimony within their community and to the world.

Ask God how He wants you to pray for Muslims and what more He wants you to do.



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