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My Prayer for More Than 20 Million Street Children in South Asia

By in Crazy Grace Blog | 3 comments

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Father, I am grateful for all your blessings, including home, family, peace, safety, food, and clothing. Many people around the world don’t have the comfort and security of these basics. I’m particularly concerned about the children of South Asia who live alone on the streets.

In the Name of Jesus . . .

Protect them from all harm, including the predators seeking to abduct them and sell them into forced labor. Protect the girls from being sold into sexual slavery. Blind the evildoers to the presence of these children. Let the children escape their grasp and slip through their fingers. Put a wall of safety around the children. Ease their fears. And please do not let their hearts become hardened. Turn their tender hearts toward you as their Father, Friend, and Protector.

Feed them so they will know your loving provision. Fill their little stomachs. Provide food from unexpected places so they will not have to steal or fight over garbage. Let them have healthy food that will nourish their growing bodies. Give them the joy of discovering your provision for their physical needs so they will look to you for their spiritual needs. Be their Encourager, Provider, and Hope.

Give them shelter to protect them from the weather and the searching eyes of evildoers who seek to harm them. Rather than letting them sleep on the streets, give them at least a roof over their heads and walls of protection. Bless the children with a place to rest and call home, no matter how makeshift it may be for the time being. Fill their hearts with hope that You have better things in store for them—that their future will be more than hiding and scavenging. Provide the best “home” You can for them and help them persevere. Be their Shelter, Helper, and Hiding Place.

Provide for their basic needs such as clothing, hygiene, and a little money for things they must have. For those who are old enough, create opportunities for them to find safe and respectable employment so they can provide for themselves and younger siblings. Prevent individuals and companies from taking advantage of these children for personal gain, but allow the children to grow to adulthood with dignity and grace. Give them opportunities for education or apprenticeship so they can have skills to help them in the future. Pull them out of their dire situation and help them become who You made them to be. Show Yourself to be their Teacher, Advisor, and Guide through life.

Lead the street children, especially the youngest of them, to find true homes, either through ministries like Bridge of Hope, or families who will take them in. Open the hearts of families to have compassion on children who are not their own, especially the girls who are often rejected in their society. Give the children the opportunity to feel safe and loved. Let them learn to play and laugh again instead of begging for scraps. Fill their hearts with love, joy, peace, and hope. Whatever state they find themselves in, may You be Love, Life, and Light to them.

Direct the hearts of street children to You. Help them learn of Your love for them. Help them understand Your salvation and grace. Give them a heart for You. Come near to them in their time of need so they will grow to trust You for the rest of their lifetimes. Make a way out of the darkness for them. Bring them into the Light. Be their Savior, Lover, and Grace-Giver.

Make Yourself known on the streets of South Asia. Let a revival break out among the homeless children. Kids are always eager to share exciting news with others. Let their hearts overflow with Your love for them so they will spill it on others. There may not be enough Christian missionaries to reach every child with the Good News, but You can use the children to spread the Good News to other children. Lord, You are the only hope these children have, not just for a better life on earth, but for eternal hope. Use whatever means necessary to reach these children with Your love so they will love and serve You for the rest of their lives. Be their Way, Truth, and Life.

You know what the street children of South Asia need more than I do. Please touch their individual lives in such a way they will turn their hearts toward You. Do not disappoint them. Be everything they need because You are I AM.

Thank you for Your loving care for each of us, even the least of us. Your eyes are always watching and no one is beyond your reach. Reach out to Your children.

Yes, Lord!



There are more than 20 million children on the streets of South Asia


If you want to do a little more than pray for the street children, will you donate $5 help them?


Provide a Meal for Street Children in Asia

Millions of street children in Asia go hungry. Will you go hungry for one meal a week and give $5, the approximate cost of a meal out, so these children don’t have to go hungry? Gospel for Asia provides homes, food, basic medical care, and education for as many children as possible. Your donation of $5 may not seem like much, but it will help. Together we can make a difference for kids who are hungry, vulnerable, abused, and need to know the love of Jesus.

Note: Any donations you make will go directly to Gospel for Asia. The funds do not pass through my hands at all. And Gospel for Asia guarantees 100% of the funds donated will go directly to the project (no administrative costs get deducted).

Of course, you may give to any charity you choose. That’s between you and God. I’m just offering this as a convenient option and an area of great need.

If you can afford $5 to help feed homeless children, why wouldn’t you?




  1. mark

    April 8, 2017

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    My heart goes really out for street children God bless you for doing a great work in the Kingdom of God

  2. Ummy

    February 12, 2018

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    may God bless you for the noble task you have taken to help the street children. may the prayers be heard and answered.

    • Christy

      February 12, 2018

      Post a Reply

      I’m glad you stopped by, Ummy. May God also bless you and meet your needs.

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