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My Prayers Are Shallow and Selfish

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I’m a week into my 40 days of prayer and I’ve discovered a major blind spot: my prayers are shallow and selfish. I suppose that’s natural because we know our own needs and when God answers, we can readily see the results. But “natural” isn’t the word I want to describe my prayers. I want my prayers to be faith-filled, supernatural bombs that rock heaven and earth. Okay, maybe that’s a little dramatic, but I want to pray bigger, more meaningful prayers.

I want to pray kingdom-minded prayers. I want to say to God, “Your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.” And then I want to spend time with God understanding His heart for His kingdom. I want to learn what moves God, what burden He has for the world today. I want to know His will for His kingdom on earth so I can pray according to His will. We know that if we pray according to His will, we can be sure He will answer.

In the past, I’ve had trouble praying for missionaries in India, for instance, because I don’t know them or their needs and I can’t see whether God answers my prayers. Somehow, I think if I draw near to the heart of God for His kingdom concerns, I’ll probably sense a peace of knowing God answered because I know I’ve prayed according to His will.

I’m not there yet and I’m still figuring out how to expand my prayers to meet the huge needs of the world we live in, but I do know that there are spiritual forces at work in the world and in our lives and our prayers change things in the spiritual realm. Maybe it’s less about seeking answers we can see and more about the change our prayers can make in the unseen world.

These are weighty thoughts, I know. But it’s what’s been on my mind this week.

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