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Mysterious Book Ninja Strikes Flathead Valley

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Book Ninja is stealthy. Book Ninja has lightning reflexes. Book Ninja delivers special blessings. You may never see Book Ninja, but you’ll see the evidence left behind.

This summer, I’m going to beĀ spraying books and eBook gift cards all over Flathead Valley. I’m going to leave them wherever there are community bulletin boards or flyer racks. I’m going to leave them in waiting rooms and park benches. I’m going to leave them in libraries and coffee shops. I’m going to leave a trail of blessings everywhere I can sneak them in.

Just for fun, I’ll also post evidence of my exploits. If you live in Flathead Valley, these pictures will give you clues where to go look for the special blessings. If you live outside of Flathead Valley, you’ll hopefully enjoy watching the fun, too. Later on, I may create a way for you to participate, too.

Follow the hashtag #BookNinja for the trail of evidence.

Book Ninja’s First Strike Delivers a Triple

Today I left three eBook gift cardsĀ for The Rise of the Dragon King at Perkins restaurant in Kalispell. Go get ’em! (If there are any left. I don’t know how fast they will go.)


First Strike Delivers a Triple

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