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Nabeel Qureshi’s (@NAQureshi) Testimony: From Muslim to Christian

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From Muslim to Christian

Is it possible for a Muslim to come to know Christ? Of course it is, by the grace of God, but the path is not easy because of the philosophical, moral, and cultural differences between Islam and Christianity. Nabeel Qureshi grew up in a Muslim family, but in college he was confronted with the truths of Christianity for the first time in way that made him reconsider his beliefs. Those moments are earth-shaking for any of us, but coming from a Muslim world made it that much more difficult because claiming Christ would mean being shunned by his family. It was a choice made under the pressure of knowing what was at stake.

Do you know your Bible well enough to share it with a Muslim?

Book Excerpt

Read this excerpt from Nabeel Qureshi’s book, Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus: A Devout Muslim Encounters Christianity to catch a glimpse of his anguish and then watch the video below as he describes his conversion in a very personal, moving way.

I lay prostrate in a large Muslim prayer hall, broken before God. The edifice of my worldview, all I had ever known, had slowly been dismantled over the past few years. I lay in ruin, petitioning Allah. Tears blurred my sight. The ritual prayers had ended, and now it was time for my heart’s prayer.

“Please, God Almighty, tell me who You are! I beseech You and only You. Only You can rescue me. At Your feet, I lay down everything I have learned, and I give my entire life to You. Take away what You will, be it my joy, my friends, my family, or even my life. But let me have You, O God.

“Light the path that I must walk. I don’t care how many hurdles are in the way, how many pits I must jump over or climb out of, or how many thorns I must step through. Guide me on the right path. If it is Islam, show me how it is true. If it is Christianity, give me eyes to see. Just show me which path is Yours, dear God, so I can walk it.

“Dear God, I know You can hear me! I know You are there and my words are not falling on deaf ears. Do not withhold Yourself from me. You have guided me with visions before. You have revealed the future to my father in dreams. Please, show me Your truth. Give me a vision again; give me dreams so I can know who You are.”

I knew with utmost surety that God heard my cries and held the key to saving me. He would open the door to His truth at any moment. I knew that the case for Christianity was strong: it had been shown to me that the historical Jesus claimed to be God and then proved it by dying on the cross and rising from the dead. If Allah confirmed to me personally that He was actually the God of the Bible, I would accept Him, Jesus, as my Lord. In anguish, though, I hoped beyond hope that Allah would reveal Himself to be the God of Islam. The cost would be too much to bear otherwise.

. . .

Five months later, He gave me my answer.

–Nabeel Qureshi, Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus page 254.

Why do we always have so many questions? Wait. That's a question, too. Aargh!


I find his testimony refreshing for a number of reasons, but particularly because he knew what his decision would cost him. He made a commitment that required sacrifice. I think for many (or most) Western Christians, the commitment to follow Christ costs us so little that we don’t place a high enough value on our commitment. Perhaps if we were required to sacrifice more it would deepen our resolve and become a lifetime commitment rather than a one-time decision we made as if we were choosing which shirt to purchase.


What would you be willing to give up for Jesus? Would you forsake your family, friends, familiar surroundings, comfort, possessions, and your future?


You might want to follow Nabeel Qureshi on Twitter (@NAQureshi) or visit his website:

Nabeel Qureshi’s book, Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus: A Devout Muslim Encounters Christianity, is available in paperback, Kindle, MP3 CD audiobook, and Audible audio download. Read my review. For more information, you might want to read my post, I Love Muslims.



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515020: Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus: A Devout Muslim  Encounters Christianity Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus: A Devout Muslim Encounters Christianity

By Nabeel Qureshi / Zondervan

Growing up, Nabeel Qureshi never thought he would consider turning from his family’s deeply held beliefs in Islam. It was his whole world, his identity. Yet, as he grew into a young man earnestly seeking for God to speak into his life, he was surprised by what he found. What he found was a growing question about the divinity of Jesus, which lead ultimately to his conversion to Christianity. In Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus, Nabeel shares the powerful story of his journey from faith in Allah to faith in Jesus Christ. Along the way, he gives valuable insight into Islam, sharing cultural, intellectual and theological barriers that often stand in the way of Muslims accepting Jesus. However, despite his objections to Christianity, it was the friendship of Christians, the historical facts of the life of Jesus, and divine revelation through a dream and vision that convinced Nabeel of the truth of the Gospel. Nabeel’s testimony will deepen your understanding of American Muslims and draw you closer to Jesus as you consider the amazing ways He works today.


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